The Dream Team Agency ladies, Susan Stipcianos and Laura Mejia Cruz were invited to be part of this years Winter Music Conference that took place in Miami from the 8th of the 12 of March. Stipcianos was the lead moderator in the panel called The Buzz: Media, Marketing, Social Networking and You that included top panelist from the music industry that discussed ideas from broadcast to electronic media and digital networking platforms, and also discuss how to learn how to use the media to their advantage. Mejia Cruz was part of the women’s panel called: Women in Electronic Music – a panel created in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, where WMC2011 pays tribute to the ladies behind the scenes, booth and board. In a traditionally male dominated field, how is the role of women in music evolving?: this was one of the main questions discussed that afternoon. For more information about WMC2011 – visit: