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Latinas in the beauty field come out on top

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A career in the beauty field can be as wonderful as it is competitive. There is no easy way to the top, especially if you are Latino. These four women have proven that being a beauty editor, publicist or writer is simply the result of persistence, work and dedication.

Ready for a dose of Latina inspiration?

susan stipcianos1 Latinas in the beauty field come out on top

Susan Stipcianos, co founder of the Dream Team Agency 

“I’m from Bogota, Colombia but raised in Miami, Florida.”

“Working with incredible brands such as Victoria’s Secret andMotives for La La has been wonderful. I just simply love to know that these companies not only sell to women but are run by women. After all… who knows more about what we need than other women?”

My best advice: “Latinas, you have to love what you do!”

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